San Francisco police officer dies after not receiving mandatory Covid vaccination.


A San Francisco police officer died of Covid after being put on leave because he didn’t get vaccinated.

Officer Jack Nyce, who had worked for the department for 17 years, died on Saturday just days after testing positive for Covid, according to his wife Melissa Nyce.

He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance when his symptoms became severe and died later that day, the said Chronicle of St. Francis.

Ms. Nyce did not say whether her husband had been vaccinated, but an association of San Francisco police officers officially confirmed that he had been placed on paid administrative leave at the time of his death because he had not received the vaccination required by the warrant. city.

There was a significant push back against the requirement for government employees to be vaccinated. By September, nearly 200 staff members of the San Francisco Police Department had applied for religious exemption, the highest number in any city department.

The SFPD said 70 workers were put on leave for not meeting the November 1 vaccination deadline, with 97.5% of the department’s employees fully vaccinated by November 2.

Officers who have not yet complied with the city’s vaccination mandate by November 13 will be transferred on unpaid administrative leave until the Police Commission calls a hearing.

Melissa Nyce told the San Francisco Chronicle that her husband “loved being a cop”. He said he did not take the Covid test but was in quarantine and had no symptoms.

In an email sent to the police department, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott praised Mr. Nyce’s work throughout his career, calling him a “widely respected colleague.”


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