Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez Says Caleb Plant ‘Will Feel Something Different’ As Rival Champions Clash In Anger During Weighing | Boxing news


Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez warns Caleb Plant that he will “feel something different” as they exchanged heated words at the weight for their undisputed title fight.

The unified champion of Mexico and the American IBF title holder had a fiery confrontation before their bout in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Canelo was on the verge of super-medium at 168lbs, while Plant was slightly lighter at 167lbs, and both fighters were then involved in an intense verbal battle.

“I say, ‘You’ll see tomorrow. It’s time,'” Canelo said Showtime Sport. “I don’t need to say anything. It’s time. He’s going to hear something different, believe me.

“As I said before, for every action there is a reaction. I feel blessed, I feel motivated for all my fans. It means a lot.”

Caleb Plant promised to produce a sensational win in Las Vegas

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson had joined Canelo and Plant on stage for the weight.

“He was a great fighter, a legend. I’ll become like him someday. It means a lot,” said Canelo.

Plant dismissed his confrontation with Canelo, promising to take a stunning, earth-shattering victory.

“We agree to disagree, but we’ll find out on Saturday night. I promise you,” Plant said.

“I love it, you can cheer on him as much as you want, you can whistle for me as much as you want. It’s easy to sit in those seats, it’s not easy to stand here. Remember that. I was born for this.

“This is my destiny.”

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