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Many subscription boxes allow us to explore or experience something we haven’t done yet, from new foods to exciting adventures. The Curiosity Box offers a unique opportunity to get hands-on with science, and you can start your quarterly subscription with 50% off the first box using the code AS.

Curiosity drives discovery. Without humanity’s curiosity, much of what we know about the world, the universe, and everything around us would remain a mystery. That was the driving force behind Vsauce, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to highlighting the limitless curiosities behind centuries of scientific breakthroughs.

Creator Michael Stevens, along with talents like Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper, attempted to simplify complex concepts and deliver them in a consumable format, leading to an educational YouTube channel that amassed over 26 million subscribers and 3 billion views. The Curiosity Box is an extension of Vsauce, and each quarterly post is packed with educational and entertaining widgets, gizmos, and brain teasers that tackle topics typically covered on the YouTube channel.

The Curiosity Box Quarterly Subscription| From $60 per box | the box of curiosities

Like the channel from which it was spawned, The Curiosity Box covers a variety of topics, providing an interactive medium handpicked by Stevens and a team of trusted scientists, researchers, writers and designers. Each item included in The Curiosity Box is hand-selected with the intention of inspiring wonder and curiosity in subscribers. Brain games, elaborate puzzles, and construction kits help keep your mind active each quarter and provide information on topics like astronomy, physics, energy conduction, and much more.

Crafting each box is no easy task for Stevens and his team. The Curiosity Box team is always working behind the scenes, often for years, creating new and exclusive items designed to introduce subscribers to fascinating science concepts. For example, the Denary dice game took two years to develop.

The Curiosity Box is shipped quarterly and each box is filled with brand new items accompanied by a magazine featuring Stevens’ take on each item and associated topic. These banner ads coincide with the videos Stevens shoots about each article for the MEL Science app, ensuring that subscribers fully understand the purpose and meaning of each article.

Subscribe to The Curiosity Box now using the exclusive How-to Geek code AS and save 50% on your first box. That’s half the chance to learn something new and have fun doing it.

the box of curiosities

Satisfy your curiosity with a quarterly box full of interactive brain teasers, brain games, building kits, books and much more.

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