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Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire recalls crying on the worst date of her life

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Tinder problems! Emily Hampshire He reflected on his most disastrous online dating mishap that resulted in a ruined shirt and many tears.

The Schitt’s cove The 39-year-old student revealed that she chose her first Tinder suitor because she didn’t have a photo with a tiger on it, detailing what went wrong in the last one. Us weekly“The worst dating story” episode.

“I had just gotten divorced and was probably not ready to expose myself. Tinder had just come out so I started swiping, ”Hampshire recalled. “I see this guy without a tiger. And it looks clean and, like, employable and not a serial killer. So, like all boxes: tick, tick, tick “.

Emily Hampshire. David Fisher / Shutterstock

The Chapelwaite The actress began texting the man and agreed to meet him at a bar they both knew. As soon as he committed to the date, he panicked and didn’t know what to wear.

“I don’t remember the full outfit because my memory is trying to block this traumatic night out of my memory, but it involved like skinny jeans and heels,” she said. “The only thing I hate more than both is both together.”

When the Mary Hartman, remake of Mary Hartman Star arrived at the restaurant, remembering sitting “next to him” even though there were “other options”. Despite Hampshire’s awkward seating choices, the man proceeded to say “something nice about the way I looked, which was very nice and normal for him, and I proceeded to cry,” he revealed.

The Canadian actress added that he was “so kind” and “so patient” with her and tried to comfort her as she burst into tears, which was only made worse by the fact that she had a lot of makeup on that night, which stuck with the boy. .

“He laughed when the snot came out of my nose and hugged me,” Hampshire continued. “When he hugged me [with] his very clean white shirt, I basically left, like, a joker’s face print on his white shirt. “

The Platform Star joked, “I don’t know if it’s clear to you, but the worst part of this worst date is me,” before pointing out that she is now friends with the man who saw her cry on the date.

“To this day, this is years later, we laugh at the snot bubble. My first date on Tinder, Ari, is still my dear friend,” she said.

Hampshire concluded by saying that although Ari doesn’t remember it as a bad date, she can’t forget it. “I lost my dignity. I also had a sinus infection from crying so hard, “she said. U.S. But I have a friend. I have something really great. “

See how Hampshire details his worst date exclusively Us weekly video above.

With reports from Mandie DeCamp

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