Scott Morrison is dragging the Coalition down. He needs to go


Last week he demonstrated Scott Morrison’s lack of judgment and lying reputation on the international stage. This week has served to highlight those same qualities nationwide. What was supposed to be a week of reset to take the lead on climate, start the unofficial election campaign and Labor wedge has turned into yet another denunciation of Morrison’s relentless lies and lack of politics.

Morrison’s choice of electric vehicles (EVs) as the standard to raise on climate policy was bizarre. He destroyed the Coalition’s electric vehicle policy in 2019 in an attempt to harm Bill Shorten by ridiculing and demonizing electric vehicles along the way. He would always be tested as to why he had done a back flip, and he was, right from the start. The PMO hadn’t even prepared a good answer to this. It was a “work lie” that he had ever campaigned against electric vehicles; technology had changed, Labor wanted to make electric vehicles mandatory and raise gasoline prices.

It was all lies. Also Morrison’s stenographers and apologists – to which Niki Savva gave a service this week – explained that, no, Labor’s EV policy did not include mandates or price increases.

As with almost all of Morrison’s announcements, there was little substance to the EV plan. Even the Financial review criticized him.

That night, NSW treasurer Matt Kean continued 7.30 and detailed the NSW government’s plan to lower the price of electric vehicles, encourage fleet buyers to switch to electric, and significantly improve charging infrastructure. Whenever Kean talks about climate policy, he makes it seem effortless as he spells out smart new policies to significantly reduce his state’s emissions, showing the federal coalition with every word.

“Federal government initiatives are good, but they can go much further,” Kean said. “I would encourage the federal government to try to do things like provide direct support to people wishing to purchase an electric vehicle.”

Oddly, this is Anthony Albanese’s policy.

Morrison launched his new framework on climate and broader economic policy on Wednesday, announcing that he is “can do capitalism” rather than “not rule” Labor. The stenographers were thrilled: here is the crafty wedge of Labor they have been waiting for.

How “capitalism can do” reconciles with the tens of billions handed over to companies that made money during the pandemic will presumably remain unexamined by reporters, as does the fact that that slogan was announced literally moments after Morrison. had unveiled an additional $ 500 million to fund carbon acquisition and archiving projects.

On Thursday, Morrison randomly accused Albanian of “support in China” when asked about Emmanuel Macron. The week of the reset had turned into a shaken and desperate Morrison. Thin-skinned at best, Morrison looks like a man furious because his political tricks don’t work the way they used to.

None of this should happen. Australia is reopening thanks to very high vaccination rates and the economy is starting to roar again. Return to unrestricted international travel is just around the corner. The problems with launching the vaccine are in the rearview mirror; Australia maintains a very successful record of tackling the pandemic. Morrison has News, Nine and Seven broadly aligned with him, and ABC has become intimidated. The election record shows incumbents have enjoyed record support throughout the pandemic.

So why does he drag himself into polls and look like a wizard whose hat is empty?

The problem for a government that should be in the front row to win the next election is its leader. Morrison is damaged goods. He has no imagination and does not know how to govern competently. His idea of ​​leadership is issuing press releases. His relentless lie has begun to be noticed by the voters.

What weighs on the Coalition vote is Scott Morrison. His removal will do a world of good to the government’s political actions, giving voters a chance to look beyond a damaged prime minister to a healthy economy and a return to normal. But it would also do Australia good to replace a man with no vision or expertise with someone ready to truly lead.

Woh Readers are drooling at any suggestion that Peter Dutton may be prime minister. But just because progressives and Twitter hate someone doesn’t mean they’re ineligible – Tony Abbott proved it.

Dutton is the only one able to go up against Morrison and remove the single biggest obstacle to the Coalition’s victory next year. It’s time for the member for Dickson to do the numbers – correctly, this time.


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