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Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd arrives barefoot.

What follows is a heartbreaking rant from one of British boxing’s most lovable souls about how, since he was last in a ring, life “got the better of me – it stripped me”.

It will be a completely different Dodd participating in Saturday night’s BOXXER Series, an eight-man one-night tournament live on Sky Sports.

Dodd is hoping to complete an amazing comeback story tonight

Quarter-finals of the BOXXER series:
Kane Gardner vs. Nathan Bennett
Tom Farrell versus Ben Fields
Lee Appleyard vs. Levi Kinsiona
Sean Dodd vs. Cori Gibbs

Understanding why is hearing her pained voice explain the desperation of the past two years, a time when she says only her father was controlling her well-being. At its lowest, Dodd would turn down offers to recharge his central heating and still sit in the cold.

“It has been a long and difficult journey since the block came,” he says Sky Sports through watery eyes.

“I had a fight canceled in April 2020, seven days before we entered the first block. I didn’t think about it much, like everyone else. It went on for too long.

“I lost everything: my wife, kids, boxing, career, car. You name it, I lost it.

“I was on the floor, literally on the floor. Nobody was there to help me.

“I got up, dug deep and worked very hard to get to where I am now.”

Dodd bursts into tears when he talks about his children: “They are everything. My boys are everything. I am doing everything for them. I will give everything I have.

“I want to make them proud so they can live a life. So they don’t have to do what I had to do. I don’t want them to go through what I had to go through. I will work hard to give them a chance. I want them to enjoy life,” that they discover, that they explore, without feeling like they have to achieve something. “

Dodd knows he’s lucky to have emerged from the other side.

There is a motivational speaker called Wim Hof, nicknamed “the Iceman,” who attributes his ability to withstand freezing temperatures to breathing techniques and meditation. It became a source of inspiration for Dodd.

“I practiced his method of exposure to cold water,” he says. “I have put these three pillars together. Now my body can be put in any stressful situation and I will see the opportunity.

‘Masher’ insists he found peace after personal problems

“I know a lot about the biochemical side of the body and how it works. I have studied. I feel my body is at its best. I have improved my body.

“Nothing can touch me, nothing can hurt me.”

He also swears by the art of visualization to manifest his goals in reality.

“My mom gave me a book that changed my life,” he says excitedly. “I started using images and visualization every night before bed. I pictured myself under those bright lights. I used my images during the block to see a greener world where people live more economically,” no stress, not working hard, just happy.I visualized this, I don’t know where that world is.

“It will be like a garden of Eden. This is my kind of world.”

The Birkenhead fighter has been a mainstay of the national scene for years – he won and then lost the Commonwealth Championship in Liverpool.

He has already beaten Lee Appleyard and Tom Farrell, who will reappear as rivals in Saturday’s BOXXER Series.

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After overcoming drug addiction and a prison sentence, boxer Ben Fields is now working with youngsters to help them avoid the same mistakes he made. (Warning: the video contains content that some users may find distressing)

With 17 out of 23 wins, Dodd is the favorite despite his troubles since he last boxed.

“My confidence comes from suffering,” he says. “When you get to a point in your life where you have suffered so much that it seems like nothing else can hurt or hurt you, everything else is winnable. Especially when you have knowledge and information.

“I’m at a point where no one can hurt me.

“I feel like I have died and come back to life. This is my chance to live life right, to enjoy it and appreciate it.

Sean Dodd
Sean Dodd faces Cori Gibbs in the quarter-finals of the BOXXER Series

“This is an opportunity I never thought I would have. I thought it would be a ticket in the mail to California or Hawaii, to be far in the jungle. Now I’m barefoot. Stick me everywhere, with nothing, and I’ll thrive. .

“Put me in that ring and I’ll thrive and put on a show.”

He said of the other seven fighters in the tournament: “They are just a spirit in a human ship. They have a voice, a personality, their problem-solving brains.

“I think it’s about what every human knows. If every human knows what their true purpose is, what each of us potentially has within us, if we can tap into that, then we will understand that everything is achievable.

“Nothing can stop you.

“I’m not afraid of anything. No human being will scare me. Absolutely not.

“I would fight all of them at night. I would fight all three in the ring in the same ring, at one time.

“Nothing’s going to get in my way. Or I’ll go through them, up there, under them, around them. I’ll get to that destination.

“Experience helps you manage stressful situations.”

Dodd has become much more philosophical than before.

Dodd was in a playful mood at this week’s BOXXER series draw

He talks about “giving it all away” and says “I have no bills” to pay. What if he wins the cash prize on Saturday? His only luxury will be a new tire for his bicycle, the means of transport he now relies on.

“Boxing teaches you to manage life,” he says valiantly. “It’s just like life: it has ups and downs, it’s tough but it’s also fun. It’s very rewarding, it’s very honest. You are not given lies in boxing, meaning you have to find the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear or see. , just like life. “

Watch the BOXXER series, a dramatic Saturday night tournament, live on Sky Sports from 8pm.


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