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See an 830hp Pontiac GTO built to drift against a 900hp BMW M8


In the world of drag racing, there are many ways to hit the track, but the V8 is never a bad choice. And whether you choose a big American V8 or a complicated German one, you’ll get off the streak quickly.

That’s the lesson in this drag racing trio from This vs That, pitting a tuned BMW M8 Competition Coupe against a 2006 Pontiac GTO. Both are highly modified, although each was designed for different purposes.

Sure, both are very fast, but the BMW is a comfort car that retains its luxurious interior and aims to fly you along the highway at over 200mph. The Pontiac, on the other hand, is a drift car and therefore it’s much less focused on comfort.

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Is BMW based on the M8 Competition and what? edited by Steve “Yes That Dinan” Dinan. It has been tuned to deliver 900hp at the crank and to do so in sumptuous comfort, while also allowing you to dig a canyon and not fall into it.

The Pontiac GTOMeanwhile, it has a heavily modified LS3 V8 that produces 830hp at the wheels. With some stickier tires fitted, the rear-wheel drive Pontiac is ready to take on the BMW AWD.

As was perhaps to be expected from a standstill, the BMW’s automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive give it the edge. But things get a lot more interesting in the roller race. Watch the video below to find out if the drift car can take on its more powerful German rival.



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