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See Oscar Isaac getting ready as Moon Knight for the MCU

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This concept design shows Oscar Isaac dressed as Moon Knight in the MCU.

Oscar Isaac was officially confirmed to play Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight for the upcoming MCU original series coming to Disney Plus in May 2022. The acclaimed actor is well known for his role as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and also played a Marvel character when he played the titular antagonist in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Production on the highly anticipated new MCU series is currently underway, and while we await an official reveal of Oscar Isaac in suit, here’s an intriguing concept design of him without a mask and wearing his suit. You can see the design, courtesy of Instagram artist Venomhology, below:

Are you excited to see Oscar Isaac join the MCU? Turn off the sound below in the comments.

In the comics, Marc Spector, also known as Moon Knight, was a CIA agent turned mercenary who made millions. His wealth from being a mercenary and his investments bring him to between $ 50 million and $ 3 billion in net worth, granting him a smooth, Bruce Wayne-style life. However, during his last job as a mercenary in Cairo, a former colleague left Spector for dead.

Spector crawled through the desert sands to the tomb of Konshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. There he was pronounced dead, but resurrected at the hands of Konshu. However, the resurrection took its toll, as he developed a multiple personality disorder. When he returned to New York, he created two new personalities: Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. Grant was the millionaire womanizer while Lockley was a taxi driver.

It was after developing his other personalities that he assumed the mantle of Moon Knight. Konshu granted Spector increased physical abilities and periodic prophetic visions at night, but even Spector himself wasn’t sure if Konshu was another personality of his own making. Still, Moon Knight operates with an arsenal of technology, vehicles, and costs to meet your needs.

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Fountain: Instagram

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