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like we don’t love dallas Enough, the TV gods treated fans to a spin-off of the iconic primetime soap opera in the form of knot landing. Airing for 14 seasons between December 1979 and May 1993, the series brought things from Texas City to a fictional suburb of Los Angeles, specifically a cul-de-sac called Seaview Circle.

Throughout the show’s pop culture reign, it catapulted its cast to TV stardom. This included people like William Devane (Greg), Kevin Dobson (Mack), donna mills (Abby), michele lee (karen) ted shackelford (Gary) and joan van ark (Val), to name a few. During his time on the air, knot landing it earned a Golden Globe nomination, as well as four Emmy nominations (it ultimately won one of them). To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the show’s premiere, knot landing received a special honor at the TV Land Awards in 2009. Not bad at all!

He david jacobs-created by the series lived on beyond its cancellation, with much of the original cast reprising their characters for a 1997 two-part miniseries titled Knots Landing: Back to the Dead End. Then in 2005 the same thing happened with Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again – this time with the cast reminiscing about the show.

Celebrate knot landing Turning 40, leads Donna, Michele and Joan reunited in 2019, all seeming like no time had passed and showing just how close their bond is all these years later. “The truth is that we are, in fact, sisters,” Joan told the Chicago Tribune. “And when we’re together, it’s ridiculous and funny. When we have our three-way talks, which can be just the three of us, we are truly united soul to soul, heart to heart.”

As for what another meeting would look like, Joan had some ideas and requests. “I hope everyone gets a facelift,” she joked along with her friends. “A show we were going to call We have finished the ‘knot’. And we are not. They were not.”

Scroll down to see what this trio, and other cast members, are all about. knot landing they are so far!

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