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See Which Pacific Northwest Startups Are Moving Up The Rankings – GeekWire


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Top ten GeekWire 200 startups at the end of 2021 and in Q3 2022.

The latest update of the geek wire 200 The rankings show four newcomers to the top 10 and several startups making big inroads up the list.

Our index ranks the top private startups in the Pacific Northwest. It derives from our largest list of more than 1,100 tech startups based in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and British Columbia.

Rankings are generated using a weighted algorithm that takes into account social media followers, approximate employee count (via LinkedIn), and inbound web links. starting this yearStartups that are majority-owned by private equity or are 15 years old or older don’t qualify, which is why Blue Origin, founded in 2001, no longer ranks first. Businesses 15 years old or older will also not qualify.

Read on for information on this month’s rankings. see our recent funding list of the latest pacific northwest startup deals and Subscribe to GeekWire Startups for a weekly roundup of news, analysis, and insights from the region’s startup ecosystem, delivered Friday.

Great takeaway

  • finance related startups are the fastest growing category, with five companies entering the GeekWire 200. There are now 17 in the sector, up from 12 in 2021. New entrants include silla, Copper, PTO swap, Houses Arrivals, other formations.
  • Two new cryptocurrencies startups have appeared in the GeekWire 200 since the beginning of the year, despite a tumultuous year for the industry. There are now four startups in the category, including nori, silla, CoinmeY StormX.
  • Quickly, a startup that provides software to traditional grocery retailers, outperformed all other startups by moving up 90 places on the list. He is now ranked 96th and recently made Headlines for raising $100 million to fuel growth.
  • hoot-suitea Vancouver, BC-based startup that allows users to manage social media posts, jumped to the No. 1 spot. Hootsuite is speculated to go public sometime this year.

other big engines

  • ultimate attack games, a Redmond, Washington-based video game development startup, rose 52 places. It is now ranked No. 146
  • deako, a Seattle startup that sells smart lighting hardware, jumped 45 points. It is now ranked No. 154
  • logix board, a Seattle startup that sells software to freight companies, rose 41 points. It is now ranked No. 146, and recently raised $32 million.
  • memo pad, a Seattle startup that helps companies apply for visas for their international employees, jumped 35 points. It is now ranked No. 131
  • hypertest, a Bellevue, Washington-based startup that helps companies comply with state and international privacy and data protection laws, moved up 34 places. It now ranks at number 138.


  • Flexiona Seattle startup that offers on-demand storage space for online retailers and is ranked 17th on the list, became Seattle’s Newest Unicorn Company. Its valuation exceeded $1 billion after raising $119 million.
  • Placea Seattle startup that creates software for real estate companies, landed 100 million dollars in one round Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The startup climbed 26 places and is now ranked No. 51.
  • Zap Energya Seattle-area startup that was recently added to the GeekWire 200, raised $160 million to fund their plans to generate electricity at scale from nuclear fusion. It is ranked No. 197
  • echodynea Kirkland, Washington-based startup that builds radar platforms raised $135 million in June. It is ranked No. 109
  • convoya Seattle Truck Market, raised $260 million in April, raising its valuation beyond $2.3 billion. Less than two months later, it fired about 90 employees, or about 7% of its workforce. He is ranked No. 4.

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