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Seth Rogen shares a joint with Conan O’Brien on late night TV

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Conan O’Brien’s late-night tenure is coming to an end and you know what they say: “If you have to go, leave with a smile.”

One thing that is sure to make you smile, unless paranoia hits you over the head, is a puff of Seth Rogen’s own brand of marijuana, Houseplant. Rogen recently joined O’Brien for one more interview on the comedian’s late night show. During their talk, O’Brien asked Rogen for advice on how he could fill his new free time. Naturally, Rogen’s suggestion was to start smoking marijuana. Then, like Johnny On-the-Spot, Rogen produced a pre-rolled joint from his shirt pocket and offered it to O’Brien. “Don’t smoke that now. Or do it, this will be a fantastic and strange show for all of us. “ Roe warned. Throwing caution to the wind, O’Brien turned on the Wizard Stick and took a drag. I’m not sure he inhaled devil’s lettuce, but he certainly seemed pleased with himself for trying. “This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over.” O’Brien joked as he handed the paper airplane to Rogen, who also decided to participate. Rogen then offers the Mummy finger to Andy Richter, who handles the process like an old pro.

You can see how the fun scene unfolds in the video posted below:

Conan is really taking it easy for all of us sinners during his final week in the air. It’s a refreshing sight if you ask me. Yesterday I thought Paul Rudd Mac and me The interview bombshell would be the best of Conan’s final bow, but he was wrong. It warms my heart to see Conan receiving such a warm goodbye from his guests and audience members. His witty humor and unpredictable approach to late night comedy will be sorely missed once all is said and done. But hey, at least it’s coming off on a high note.

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