Seven Effective Virtual Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising to support a nonprofit organization, that you believe does valuable work to help and support others, is a noble act. During the pandemic, we all learnt how to get a bit more creative when it came to fundraising ideas, and many people came up with ingenious virtual fundraising ideas. Despite social distancing measures and restrictions being lifted, it seems that due to the prevalence of the internet and social media channels today, virtual fundraising is very much here to stay for the future.

We have come up with seven effective virtual fundraising ideas for individuals and non-profit charity organizations to follow. 


Crowdfunding is a great way individuals can set up a page online to raise money for a non-profit organization. Crowdfunding has soared in popularity in recent years with the rise of easy to use online fundraising platforms. But it is not just individuals who can use crowdfunding, corporate organizations and non-profits also use crowdfunding as a strategy to raise money to support charitable causes. 

Crowdfunding can be used to raise funds to support all different types of causes. For example, somebody may choose to take part in charity fundraiser events such as a marathon or a sponsored walk, or crowdfund online to cover tuition fee costs, paying for legal costs, and so on. 

By using crowdfunding platforms, individuals are able to keep their family and friends updated on their crowdfunding campaign by sharing photos, messages, videos and so on with them. A crowdfunding platform ideal for organizing your donate events with no hidden fees is Givebutter. Consider utilizing this in your plans moving forward, and ensure you maximize your potential. 

Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges are a fun and entertaining way of engaging with your followers on social media for your fundraising appeals online. You can ask them to do a specific task or ‘challenge’ and get them to take a picture or video of themselves doing it. After making a donation to your cause, they can then spread the message about your fundraising campaign by posting the challenge on their social media and tagging you in it. 

An example of a well-known social media challenge for charity that went viral across social media channels were the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron Disease and Movember for Men’s Health Issues. These are two examples of how social media challenges can be an effective way to raise lots of money in social media fundraising campaigns. 

Other popular social media challenges to support charities that are prevalent across social media channels involve people posting video clip recordings of themselves doing entertaining and amusing dances to music on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. It’s lovely to be able to raise money for a worthy cause as well as getting the opportunity to have a bit of a laugh and a joke. TikTok for Good has created social media challenges to raise money for charity campaigns. A good example of a charity social media challenge that is popular with TikTok users is the #DanceforChange campaign to raise awareness about the need for increased investment in sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

Social Media Takeover 

Is there an organization or a business you can think of that supports your charitable cause and has a large social media following with tons of online followers? If so, try and get in contact with them and politely ask if they would be willing to hand over their social media account to you for a day or even perhaps just a few hours for a ‘social media takeover’. During the time you are in control of the account, you should do your best to raise awareness about your cause and provide lots of information about the non-profit you are supporting and the people (or animals) they help.  

Make sure that you clearly communicate to all their followers about how their donations will help and the difference that they will make. Remember also to prompt them to donate and provide them with the link that takes them straight to the fundraising page.  If they have a large loyal following on social media, then hopefully thanks to the social media takeover you will be able to reap the rewards and get lots of extra donations to help support your cause. 

Email Campaigns

Individuals, non-profits, and businesses can all make the most of their email list to write well-constructed emails to try and encourage people to donate to their cause. People tend to receive a lot of emails these days, so to get the reader’s attention try to think up a punchy subject title for your email, use poignant images, and use plenty of language that encourages them to go and donate.

Now that the digital age has arrived, it is possible to fundraise for non-profit organizations very effectively ‘virtually’ over the internet and social media. 


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