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Sharny and Julius are married, and their marriage has produced six children. The two are also age partners, 40 years each. The couple have a keen interest in health and wellness, which compels them to create a series of online fitness programs to help people live better and healthier lives.

To make the message clear to everyone, the couple had created as many as 14 books that are international best sellers. The books focus on weight loss and fitness.

Will it interest you to know that both Sharny and Julius were obese in the past? So the two decided to follow peculiar fitness strategies to help them lose weight.

Now they created useful content to help those who also want to change their fortune for the better.

Their books contain the specific weight loss strategies that the couple adopted in the hope that the strategies might work for others in the same way.

The solutions to your obesity were found after a long period of research. Also, his effort to lose weight did not require a lot of stress unlike many of the other methods out there. They successfully created a convenient and healthy weight loss strategy.

Sign up with ease

You will first need to register before you can enjoy the weight loss program offered by Sharny and Julius. However, the registration process is very easy. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Create a password
  • Provide your credit card number

You will receive a notification email from Sharny and Julius after the registration process.

The notification email will contain information about the proper weight loss strategy that you should adopt in order to get a reliable result.

The suggested weight loss programs will depend on certain variables like your age, weight, and gender, as well as a few other things.

Your privacy is protected

You will not be asked to provide personal data about yourself during the registration process. They will not ask for your physical address or phone number at all.

The website has a customer-focused privacy policy for those who have privacy concerns.

It is suggested that you review the information so that you can make informed decisions about whether or not to enroll.

Sharny and Julius will never sell or share your information with a third party without first obtaining your consent.

The website is certified with a secure socket layer (SSL) and this guarantees additional security for your credit card details.

SSL is an advanced security system that encrypts and protects your payment information to prevent hacking.

Sharny and Julius Unique Programs

You can get up to 11 weight loss and wellness programs from Sharny and Julius and each one focuses on specific areas. The programs are highlighted below:

  • iron dad: It’s an advanced workout plan focused on helping dads with limited time lose weight and build muscle in the gym without taking steroids.
  • fit dad: It is focused on helping parents stay fit and lose weight without leaving home.
  • Strong Core and Pelvic Floor: As the name implies, they focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and strong core.
  • PregFit: It is a diet and fitness plan that can help pregnant women
  • Healthy Fit Happy Mom: This program can help moms stay healthy, fit and happy and there is no age limit.
  • Fertile: This fitness plan helps improve the reproductive health of both men and women. Contains foods that may improve fertility.
  • Fitman and FitWoman: This fitness program focuses on couples without children. Fitness programs only require 15 minutes of your time each day and require no equipment.

You can also access various books by Sharny and Julius containing 110 recipes that allow you to prepare delicious healthy meals and help you overcome junk food addiction.

cost of materials

Many of the fitness programs that Sharny and Julius offer will only cost you $47. You will never have to pay monthly or face any other form of subscription.

The $47 is a one-time payment. So $47 can give you the freedom to enjoy programs that can ensure better health.

The fitness programs that Sharny and Julius offer are regularly updated and you will have access to the update any time it becomes available without paying anything extra, making it a better program than many others in the cost area.

To make things even easier for end users, Sharny and Julius have added mobile apps for each of the programs they offer.

As a result, you can easily access programs on the go. Payment for any of the programs is possible through PayPal, credit card, etc.

Take advantage of the Facebook support group

In case you are confused about a thing or two regarding the fitness plan offered by this medium, you can find help in the Facebook support group.

The group has all Sharny and Julius subscribers as members and you will be granted access immediately after you pay for any of the fitness programs they offer.

Sharny and Julius will be available to communicate with subscribers to their shows and provide answers to any questions they may have.

They can also provide clients with excellent advice that will make programs more efficient.

According to the latest check, the group has more than 35,000 members. In addition to the tips and answers posted by Sharny and Julius, a few other members of the group with experience in the fitness and weight loss areas can also provide advice on how to make the program a success for you.

Virtually everyone in the group is always ready to help, making it a vibrant and welcoming place for everyone.

However, membership in the group is not free. You’ll need to pay a token of $20 per month, as long as you haven’t signed up for any of Sharny and Julius’s programs.

Those who purchase any of the programs will have completely free access to the Facebook group.

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