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Finally together! 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days stars she johnson and johnny bye they officially met in person, and it looks like Johnny had the time of his life.

“Life is about to experience new things,” he wrote via Instagram on Sunday, July 9, along with a series of photos from his trip. “The first time I touched a real heavy shotgun, I didn’t touch the trigger. I touched a real big husky dog, I really feel that dogs after being well trained could be so good at touching and feeling. The first time I rode a horse I felt like I was floating. First time experiencing ranch life, lots of bulls pooped, urinated and the mud could be quite slippery, few times actually slipped and almost fell. (sic)”

He continued, “Thank you for picking me up and driving so far this time, I didn’t feel any difference, I just felt like I was back in my hometown, just harmony, and many good people never regret meeting this journey. I’m beyond grateful.”

90 Day Fiance's Johnny Recounts First Visit With Ella: 'Beyond Grateful'
Courtesy of Johnny Chao/Instagram

Johnny flew from China to Idaho on Wednesday July 5th to be with Ella. He published photos from the Boise airport on her Instagram. “After 12 hour flights I made it,” the carousel captioned.

She and Johnny took a long-awaited selfie together after they arrived, which many fans reposted on social media. She shared a few posts on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “I’m so happy too!”

Johnny, a divorced father from Jinan, China, and Ella, a rancher from Idaho Falls, Idaho, shared the story of their romance on 90 day fiance season 5, which aired from December 2021 to April 2022. The two met on a dating site for white women seeking Asian men. They quickly fell in love, but coronavirus pandemic restrictions and travel bans prevented Johnny and Ella from visiting in person.

Courtesy of Ella Johnson/Instagram

When the travel bans were lifted in 2021, Johnny planned to move to the US to be with Ella, leaving his elderly parents and son, Stoney, behind in China. However, he hesitated to take the big step when coronavirus cases began to rise again.

She grew frustrated with Johnny’s hesitation. She had previously been in a long-distance relationship with an Indian man, but they broke up after meeting in person in Thailand because he didn’t want a “sexual relationship” with her. Luna was afraid that Johnny would change his mind too if he waited longer to meet her in person. She told Johnny that he could meet her halfway in Dubai or have an open relationship with her so he could see other men in her area.

Johnny wanted the relationship to remain monogamous, but he postponed his trip to Dubai until February. This led to Ella revealing that she had cheated on him with a friend, as seen in a March 2022 episode of Before 90 days.

“I don’t think you understand how hard this has been for me. I need attention, I need physical attention and when you’ve been going back and forth with this, I called a friend and talked to him, snuggled with him and we ended up having sex,” she told Johnny via video call.

While Johnny was hurt by Ella’s actions, he understood where she was coming from. He promised to work hard to mend the relationship during her visit in February and even asked about the size of Ella’s ring. Unfortunately, Johnny had further complications when he tried to quit his job in China.

“The resignation process in China is that you have to give them a letter, which you have to have approved. You can’t just quit, because you have to have this stamp,” Ella said in 90 day diaries in June 2022.

She was still hurt that she hadn’t met Johnny in person yet, and she wasn’t sure she could make it to 2023 without him visiting her. Still, she wanted to wait because her love was worth it.

“I’m willing to wait for him because he really is an amazing person and I love him,” she said.

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