Sheila Talton, CEO of Gray Matter Analytics, on #SDOH and Big Data


Payers need clinical data, and providers need claims data to collaborate and serve patients more effectively in a world of value-based care. I speak to Sheila Talton, CEO of Gray matter analysis on big data in healthcare. Oh, and did we mention the social determinants of health? Extracting information from EHR note fields can help address this domain, which affects 80% of health outcomes.

I talked to Sheila as part of mine continuous series of chats with healthcare innovation leadersHarlow on health care, On HealthNOW Radio. Listen to our online radio station or ask your smart speaker to play HealthcareNOW radio. You can see me live on weekdays at 8:30 am, 4:30 pm, and 12:30 pm ET. As each new show goes live, the latest joins the archive, available through SoundCloud or your favorite podcast app (iTunes, stapler, iHeartRadio). Your comments are welcome here. Join the Twitter conversation on #HarlowOnHC.

David Harlow


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