Shocked Camilla “has not stopped talking” to hear Joe Biden “break the wind” at Cop26 in Glasgow


Boris Johnson may have said hello Joe Biden like “a great breath of fresh air” – but it looks like events al policeman26 Glasgow climate conference may have given the Duchess of Cornwall, at some level, reasons for disagreement.

The president of the United States met Camilla and various other members of the royal family during a reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery on the occasion of the opening night of the summit, attended by world leaders.

The diplomatic booklet of the royals was exhibited at the conference where they met willing guests from all over the world, with Prince William claimed having commented aloud during an event: “I like to speed up appointments here … chat a bit then hit the button and then quickly move on to the next one, you don’t have enough time”.

But in another report that claimed Mr. Biden’s label, any such image that evoked a touch of romance was definitely absent.

While speaking with Mr. Biden on Monday night, it was claimed that Camilla was surprised to hear the President of the United States break the wind, in a broadcast audible enough to make the Duchess blush.

“It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,” the Post on Sunday quoted a source as saying. “Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

Clarence House declined to comment when he was approached by The independent.

The alleged flatulence – whose unverified claim quickly started trending on Twitter, where it was dubbed “fartgate” – came hours after Mr. Biden tried to get the United States out of the shadow of the Trump administration. apologizing for his predecessor’s decision to withdraw out of the Paris Agreement and “put us a kind of eight ball” to tackle the climate crisis.

Mr. Biden had already pledged to halve his country’s emissions by 2030 in April, but on Monday released a long-term plan on how to reach net zero two decades later.

On Friday he celebrated the passage of his $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to Congress, which he said will take “historic and significant steps to address the climate crisis.”


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