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Should Your Business Upgrade to Windows 11?

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If you saw, or tried to view, Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay’s introduction for Windows 11, “What’s next for Windows?, ”On June 24, you knew this was not going well from minute one. The broadcast was abysmal, a presentation failure that was no way to present what is really just a facelift for Windows 10.

Of course, Microsoft officials said that Windows 11 will be the most secure version of Windows ever. But how many times do they have to repeat this false claim? I think the first time I heard it was with Windows 1.02 in 1986, which was only shipped to Europe. Why not Windows 1.01? It couldn’t have been Windows 1.01, because Windows 1.0 never made it to the market due to:Disgusting surprise!-Insects.

This time, and I’m not making it up, Windows 11 will be a “zero trust ready” operating system.

I believe them, and I don’t mean Zero Trust Architecture—I mean, I have no confidence that it will be much more secure than Windows 10. It is probably running on your desktop right now and every month, as regularly as clock, there are a lot of important security updates on Tuesday of patches. There’s a reason Computerworld has had a weekly column for years just about Windows patches.

Think about that for a minute. Would you use any other products that you need to update monthly to avoid catastrophic failures? We are so used to it that we don’t even think about how strange it is.

That said, even though Windows 11 is built on top of Windows 10, Microsoft is improving its inherent security by requiring your PC to have at least Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. (Originally, the company said that TPM version 1.2 would work. Hmm).

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