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Now is the time to stock up on Xbox Game Pass gift cards.

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Now is a great time to stock up on Xbox Game Pass gift cards. Microsoft will increase the price of Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass Console subscriptions on July 6. If you’re a monthly subscriber, you won’t see the price increase until August 13, although you can still save money by purchasing gift cards today.

Microsoft confirmed the Game Pass price increase in a conversation with the edge. Essentially, Game Pass Ultimate will cost an additional $2, bringing its price up to $16.99 per month. The Game Pass Console subscription only increases by $1 and will now cost $10.99 each month. (Thankfully, Game Pass PC will remain at its regular price.)

This is Game Pass’s first price increase since 2017. It coincides with a near-global price increase for the Xbox Series X console – in most markets, Xbox Series X will cost around $50 extra. However, the price of this console will not change in the United States.

Late last year, Microsoft’s Phil Spector hinted that Xbox prices would increase in 2023. So the Xbox Series X price increase may come to the US at some point. My guess is that it will happen before or after the 2023 holiday season. But this is just a guess.

Anyway, if you’re a Game Pass user, you might want to buy some Game Pass gift cards. If you buy Game Pass Ultimate gift cards for a year before the price increase, you’ll save $24. That’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s decent.

Source: Xbox via The Verge

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