Sky creates pop-up houses inspired by Sky Glass


Sky has created three Sky Glass-inspired pop-up houses that will tour the UK and host product demonstrations, a project created by Amplify after the agency won a pan-European pitch for the company.

Sky glass is the new Sky smart TV completely integrated and carbon neutral certified.

The pop-up houses will act as interactive windows on Sky Glass’s capabilities, with the product presented through a suite of installations. Consumers can experience different levels of engagement and interaction, from self-service lounges to curated product demonstrations.

In one of the rooms, there will be a mapped projection sequence that brings the Sky Glass content into the surrounding environment to transform the space with Sky’s visual language.

Taking up the design of Sky Glass, the structures are mainly constructed from fully recyclable and sustainably sourced oak with bespoke aluminum windows and interior details to refer to the product specifications. Perforated metal was used for the interior walls and display furniture, for increased durability, minimizing weight and improving acoustic qualities.

In line with Sky Glass’s eco-credentials, sustainability was at the forefront of the design process with the aim of being a zero-emissions experiential tour. The modular structures, measuring up to 10mx 6m, were designed as environmentally friendly and highly deployable architectures. The fully scalable experiential kit of parts is able to adapt to any size and space of the environment.

Considerations included using sustainable materials taking into account factors that could affect the tour’s transportation footprint, such as weight, flat-pack volume, assembly time, and use of biofuel-powered trucks. The impact and compensation of sustainability are monitored by Isla.

A nationwide tour has been launched in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Belfast. The tour will continue throughout 2022 with an expected opportunity to see 10 million and a goal of 240,000 product interactions.

Amplify is delivering the project.

Sunny Bhurji, Sky TV Marketing Director, said: “Our ambition for this project was huge. We knew people would want to see Sky Glass for themselves and therefore the importance of experience to complement our sales property. retail, it was essential.

“After a pan-European presentation process, Amplify has been named and we couldn’t be happier with what they delivered to us. The Sky” glass houses “are beautifully designed to reflect and showcase the product. We can’t wait to get them out. across the UK. “

Jeavon Smith, Amplify’s Executive Creative Director, added: “This project was a fantastic opportunity to really push our architectural, design and sustainability capabilities: to fulfill the ambition to design and deliver highly deployable pieces of architecture with levels of unprecedented detail to create ‘homes’ that can be assembled in four days and disassembled in two; and creating a structural system capable of reaching up to 100 destinations over a long period of time in a sustainable way. “

Amplify was also responsible for designing the creativity behind the Sky Glass pod installations in retail outlets, as well as designing the interactive product display areas for Sky stores.


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