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Nothing sounds better than looking good.

Nothing Ear 2 Black
Nothing (Modified)

In the world of mid-range wireless headphones, Nothing’s Ear 2 stands out from the competition. Not only does it offer a solid set of features, but it also sports an iconic semi-transparent design (which some brands are now copying). And for those who need an extra touch of style, Nothing Ear 2 is now available in black.

The Nothing Ear 2 headphones offer ANC and Transparency modes, plus multipoint Bluetooth, customizable equalizer, and an optional hearing test that automatically optimizes the headphones. In our review, we rate these earbuds a 7/10, which only has a few minor complaints about battery life and ANC quality. (And battery life might be a medium concern. Nothing Ear 2 matches the battery life of Apple AirPods, which is perfectly fine for most users.)

This new black variant of Nothing Ear 2 does not add any new features. It just looks cooler than the original white colorway. To be fair, I know a lot of audio nerds who seem to think that cool rigs sound better than ugly rigs. So maybe the black paint job adds a bit of that ethereal audiophile magic.

I should also clarify that the white variant of Nothing Ear 2 uses black stems. There are just two main differences in the new black colorway: a darkened charging case and black plastic on the earbud’s bulb (the part that attaches to the rubber eartip).

And luckily, the black Nothing Ear 2 headphones cost the same price as the white variant: $150. If you want to save a bit of money, I suggest you take a look at the original Nothing headphones, which come in black or white and cost much less money than the last model (although a recent price increase means that the Nothing Ear 1 is much less affordable than it used to be).

The Nothing Ear 2 black headphones are now available on the Nothing web store. If you’re willing to wait a bit, this colorway is coming to other retailers (like Amazon) on July 21. Londoners can pick up the black headphones at the Nothing Store in Soho from July 13. And if you’re in New York, you can find the headphones at a Nothing kiosk the same day.

nothing heard 2

Now available in black, Nothing Ear 2 features a sleek semi-transparent design, ANC and transparency modes, and multi-point Bluetooth.

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