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‘SNL’ Roasts Adam Levine and Armie Hammer Scandals on Game Show


“Saturday Night Live” never stops touching on hot topics, including recent celebrity scandals.

During the Season 48 premiere on Saturday, October 1. On January 1, “SNL” poked fun at some of the recent Hollywood scandals in recent years involving alleged flirtatious direct messages.

In what the sketch dubbed “America’s easiest game show”, several celebrities competed in the game. “Send something normal” including Mikey Day as Adam Levine, James Austin Johnson as Armie Hammer, Kenan Thompson as Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bowen Yang as himself.

“Alright America, welcome to ‘Send Something Normal.’ I’m your host, Halen Hardy,” said Miles Teller, the episode’s host, before laying out the show’s premise. “The game is very simple. We have four famous male contestants and all they have to do is respond to a woman’s DM on Instagram in a normal way.”

Contestants who submit a normal DM, with a heavy emphasis on “normal” delivered by Teller, have a chance to win $100 million.

Introducing each contestant, Teller alluded to recent rumors that Levine cheated on his wife Behati Prinslo after their alleged direct messages were leaked and became social media fodder.

Hammer’s introduction also mentioned the sordid claims against the actor in March 2021 that accused him of rape and emotional abuse and included sexually explicit direct messages sent by Hammer to the woman who identified herself as Effie.

Yang, however, was confident that he would win the challenge as the reigning champion. Citing his reasoning, she told Teller, “Oh, uh, being gay.”

Day got up first as Levine and was challenged to respond to the message: “Hey Adam! Big fan. I love your music!”

After asking Teller to see the user’s “favorite vacation photo,” Day shared what his response would be, starting with “Hoooly Moly.”

When Teller asks if Day is sure how he wants to start his answer, Day confirms, before adding “Hoooooly Moooly” and “Holy crap” as two additional answers.

He delivered one last explicit message, which disqualified him from the round entirely.

Mikey Day playing Adam Levine on “Saturday Night Live.”saturday night live

Johnson was next up as Hammer and was tasked with responding to a message that read, “Hi Armie, I hope you’re doing well.”

“Okay, look, I know there’s been a lot of talk about me in the press, but I’ve done a lot of work on myself and I’ve changed, so I have my message,” Johnson said, before giving his response: “I want to break your bones.” and take out your marrow.

Naturally, Hammer got the buzzer letting him know he had been disqualified from the round.

James Austin Johnson as Armie Hammer on “Saturday Night Live.”saturday night live

Tyson, who disputed the sexual harassment claims in December 2018, was told to reply: “Hey Neil, I love your podcast!”

“Oh my gosh, what a kind message,” he said. “What a pretty woman, she deserves a well-researched answer. Show me the photo of your vacation that you like the most.”

Once the photo was shown to him, he began to ponder his answer before Teller gave him the advice, “You’ll win if you just say ‘Thank you.'”

“I have an alternative answer,” Thompson said. “Greetings. Perhaps if the stars align, you’d like to come and look through my telescope, metaphorically speaking.”

Thompson was given several buzzers in a row to inform him that he did not win that round.

Kenan Thompson reprized his Neil DeGrasse Tyson impression for “Saturday Night Live” on October 1.saturday night live

Yang, who was destined to be the winner of the round, entered the game with confidence when he received the message: “Hey Bow, I’m a big fan! I would love to be your friend.”

Before Yang could respond to what he said would be an “easy” reply, Teller interrupted to reveal the sender of the message: Dua Lipa.

“Oh no!” Yang said before giving an explicit response identical to Day’s.

Bowen Yang playing himself in the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” on October 1.saturday night live

“Bowen, come on man,” Teller says. “Horrible. Okay, we’re going to take a short break, but when we get back we’ll see if any of these guys can just not say anything.”

Last night’s episode featured several hot topics in pop culture, including a hilarious sketch about the BeReal social media app starring Teller. The program also made a AMC commercial parody starring Nicole Kidman, with Chloe Fineman doing her best impression of the actor.



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