Snoop Dogg will resurrect death row records


It has just been revealed that Snoop Dogg is planning to resurrect Deat Row Records. Check out the latest news on this issue below.

The Shade Room revealed that “#DeathRowRecords was one of the biggest music companies on the West Coast, but right now it’s not as bursting as it used to be. With artists like #SnoopDogg, #DrDre and the late #TupacShakur, Death Row has changed the way the music industry was run by one of the founders, #SugeKnight. An iconic rapper is trying to bring death row back to the fore. ‘

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TSR said, “If there’s one person who will make the record label stand out, it’s #SnoopDogg. In a recent episode of” Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, “the Long Beach native had a lot to say about relaunching the label. ‘label he once signed with from 1992 to 1998.’

Snoop said, “I think the whole death row should be in my hands. I should do that s ** t. Just like me. [in] a position at Def Jam, Death Row means more to me because I helped create it. I think they should give it to me and let me handle that shit with the goods out. ‘

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Someone said: ‘I think anything connected with Suge is a bad vibe. Don’t resuscitate death row, “and one commentator posted this:” Leave him alone because death row was too much. “

A fan said: ‘And he should take over !! Come on Snoop, ‘and another follower said,’ And now would be the perfect time since Suge is in prison forever. ‘

Someone else said: ‘Dato‽ Tuh. Death row was on sale a few years ago. He should have bought it then. ‘

In other news, Snoop Dogg he had some really sad days with his mother who was sick. Check out the latest update she shared on social media.

‘Happy Sunday my brothers and I went to c mama today and she opened her eyes to us and let us know she was still fighting. God is good thank you for all prayers 1 day at a time, ‘he wrote.

One commenter wrote: “Sending our love and prayers to you and the whole family” and another follower said, “My prayers are with you and your family Every day is a blessing and an opportunity to improve. “.

Someone else posted this: ‘Pray for him and his mother. She gave birth to a legend, “and one follower said,” Lord forbid, but if something happens to her you will regret posting this photo.


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