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Someone has stolen The Goblin Ass NFT collection

Art theft is rampant on OpenSea and is a real headache for artists, but it usually takes a different form: a person (or bot) uploads an image of the art and sells it as NFTs. OpenSea created a “lazyminting” tool, which made it incredibly easy and free to mint large collections, and scammers took advantage of stolen art, often mined from the DeviantArt website by bots. In January 2022, OpenSea announced that it would limit the use of the lazyminting tool, in part because the company found that 80% of all NFTs it had to remove for violations, including copyright infringement, were made with the lazymining tool.

To combat some of this OpenSea has created new tools to try to prevent copycat NFT collections, including its own image recognition tools and human moderators. “Our policies prohibit plagiarism, which we regularly enforce in a number of ways, including delisting and, in some cases, account bans,” OpenSea spokeswoman Allie Mack told BuzzFeed News. “We recently launched image recognition technology as part of our larger efforts to rapidly build the technology, teams, partnerships and processes to address this issue more quickly and effectively. For copies of content that are still are not on OpenSea, users can submit a DMCA request and we will promptly remove the identified items from our site.”

Linnik pointed out that the scammer had actually lost money on the project as he had to pay some start-up costs to launch it and hopefully OpenSea will shut it down. He said that the Goblin Asses team has filed a content report but since they had not officially copyrighted the Goblin Asses drawings, they did not attempt to make a DCMA request. They have not yet received a response on their report.

However, you cannot hold off a non-fungible Goblin Ass. The team went ahead and officially released the REAL collection, this time with a little holographic sticker in the top corner, specifying that each JPG has what Linnik calls a “warranty certificate.”


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