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Sore throat and cold? Try this simple home remedy for relief.

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In today’s circumstances in the midst of a raging pandemic, even a seasonal cough can lead one to worry excessively. While a sore throat and cold may not be worth going to the doctor’s clinic, they can cause pain and irritation.

Also, seasonal coughs and colds often start with a sore throat that can be troublesome for many. Not only are home remedies easy, but they also keep you from depending on pills.

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggests a simple home remedy for which you just need a few simple kitchen ingredients.

Suggest soaking cardamom, cloves, burnt lemon, fresh lemon, and cinnamon in hot water. To heat the lemon, simply hold a slice over a flame until it is warm and a slight char begins to appear.


Burnt lemon
Fresh lemon
Hot water


* Mix all the ingredients in your hot water. Drink warm.

This home remedy is only for treating a sore throat and is not above prescription drugs, he added. If you experience other symptoms, see a medical professional immediately and get tested for Covid-19. In case of severe symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Would you try it?

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