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In less than a week, SpaceX marks the second instance to abort the launch of a Starlink satellite. SpaceX had scheduled the launch of 15 Starlink Internet satellites from its Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on July 18. The rocket named Falcon 9 was aborted just 5 seconds before launch.

Reason for abortion

The security compromise was probably the reason for aborting the mission. During a webcast with SpaceX’s Zach Luppen, he explained that many reasons can arise during launch. As a result, SpaceX exercises extreme caution, seriously considering any signs of danger and suspending the countdown if necessary.

If we look back a few days, this is not the first time SpaceX has aborted a launch. On July 14, the rocket called the Falcon 9 carrying 54 satellites was decommissioned at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Eventually, it completed a successful launch the next day, making it the 16th launch without incident.

Hours after the incident, the SpaceX team had given no reason to abort the launch. Even after heavy fog at Vandenberg, the weather conditions were right for a launch. But SpaceX made a statement saying that both the rockets and the Starlink satellites are in good health. The new release date is July 19.

The goal of SpaceX’s Starlink project

SpaceX aims to create a mega constellation of satellites that can provide global broadband Internet coverage with the Starlink project. To date, SpaceX had launched 1,500 satellites into orbit. The company hopes to bridge the digital divide and bring internet connectivity to remote areas of the earth.

For ambitious initiatives like these to expand the Starlink Mega-constellation, expect some delays and aborted launches. Each aborted launch brings new findings to the SpaceX team. While it may be annoying to SpaceX and its supporters, it serves as an example of the company’s dedication to precision and reliability in its space projects.

Future SpaceX launch attempts will continue to capture the world’s attention as it persists in its ambition to improve space travel and global connection. The Starlink constellation, which has the potential to revolutionize Internet accessibility on Earth, moves closer to completion with each successful mission.

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