11 AUGUST 2014.
It is an honor and a privilege to address this true August gathering
as president of the Pioneer Council of this great profession of ours
Environmental health officials. I have a feeling of fulfillment in being
here today to witness this inauguration of the second board of directors of
our great advice. I have been waiting for this day with great passion.
The past two years since the dissolution of our board of directors have seemed eternal
the need and the importance of the board of directors for the growth of ours
young profession.
When we opened in 2004, there was almost nothing
to build on. I remember having informed the then Hon. Minister and Council that
the task entrusted to us was to revive a dead profession. Wax
no government institution, no staff, no office, zero
funding, and a profession and professionals in disarray. we had to start
ex novo in the establishment of the register of persons in the exercise of
the profession and reaching in defense of the government, the general
public as well as the practitioners themselves who knew very little about
the weaknesses of professional regulation.
Today, we can indicate a rented office in the center and
six zonal offices nationwide, we can also view and classify
environmental health professionals according to sub-professional lines,
gender and age, geography and location with the Council or any other
feature of interest. We have also greatly improved on the
professional training and practice standards in
Nigeria. The minimum reference point for environmental health training
officers in the universities of Nigeria from national universities
Commission, new Curriculum for OND & HND, Practical Guide for
environmental health officials in Nigeria, disciplinary committee regulation
issued by the former President of the Supreme Court of the Federation, the Hon. Justice Dahiru
Mustafa GCON and the Disciplinary Committee Evaluator Regulation issued
by the former Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Bello 2
Adoke, SAN. These are some of the lasting results recorded by
Recommend during our tenure.

I thank Almighty Allah for leading the Council. I wish publicly
recognize that the council had a young man engaged in
personality of the pioneer chancellor (Mr. Augustine Ebisike). He worked
very hard, greatly complementing our efforts in founding the profession.
Let me quickly add that Mr. Ebisike still has potential to exploit and I.
have the courage to praise him for other higher positions in the service
of our dear nation.
The urgent challenges that I see the new Council will face are
professional misconduct challenges on the part of members that must be
Tackled, little government recruitment at all levels as it seems there
it is an “understanding” to allow those responsible for environmental health to enter
extinction in federal and parastate ministries where their number
they have dropped from over 1000 in the 1980s to less than 50 this year.
Their number in the various states and LGAs is in no way better.
I have no doubts, given the caliber of the people on the current board of directors
I recommend that the challenges listed that still need to be addressed will not
alter the path towards Environmental Health by regaining its place of honor in
scheme of things in the provision of professional services in the country. This
I’m sure the President saw in assembling this worthy team under the
Presidency of a scholarly scholar, experienced bureaucrat e
esteem statesman – Professor Oladapo Afolabi MFR.
At this point I must commend the President and the Commander in Chief of
the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Dr. Good luck Ebele
Jonathan GCFR for his leadership. The gift of the current minister of
Environment – Ms Lawrentia Laraba Mallam, and the current Board of
the Board is loyal to the President as a visionary leader and a
environmentalist all the way. Mr. President, I am happy that you treasure it
environmental health as a key to the actualization of your loved ones
Transformation program. What remains is for your co-pilots, that is – state
local government governors and presidents to see this noble profession
through your eyes. Thus, the National Assembly and their
the counterparts of the other levels will give the profession what it needs
legislation necessary for the effective provision of the service. 3
During our tenure, we have enjoyed favorably support from the Federal
Ministry of the Environment for the entire duration of the mandate in the Council. Even when
there have been regime changes at the center and at the ministry, our level of
support and patronage have never waned.
Before concluding this speech, Honorable Minister, allow me to bid this farewell
request to Mr. President; “I want to hear during the next Council
inauguration that the Federal Ministry of the environment has a full staff
Environmental Health Directorate that will serve as a model for states and locales
governments to copy and a fully staffed environmental sanitation service
centrally controlled commission but with activities in all local governments
and departments in Nigeria “.
Thank you, Hon. Minister, Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen
for listening.
SAR Alh. (Dr.) Yunusa M. Danyaya OON.


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