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The Ford Mondeo EVOS was first seen in camouflage. Details emerged in the photos shared on a Facebook group. The vitality of the Ford Mondeo has long since given headaches and title leaps to the American company. This situation is largely due to the decline in sale that the segment of generalist midsize sedans is experiencing in recent years. Also, it has a lot to do with drifting, towards the SUV segment, which has adopted the manufacturer’s product strategy.

Ford Mondeo EVOS

However, some voices indicate that yes, the Mondeo it is dead and, on the other hand, it is the brand itself that says it still has a lot of life. Be that as it may, the current generation Ford Mondeo has been on the market since 2014. Now that he is five, he has received a restyling to update it. For this reason, with each passing day, the time comes to decide whether in the end they will “kill” him or if, on the contrary, he will have the well-deserved relief.

The Ford Mondeo EVOS could be an electric sedan

The fact is that thanks to the London Intellectual Property Office we have learned that the blue oval company is working on something special. In this entity, they applied for the registration of a promising one commercial name: Ford Mondeo EVOS. Yes, EVO. Doing a bit of memory, brush up on a futuristic concept that they presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

Ford Mondeo EVOS

With él, anunciaban el aesthetic code that light and current Mondeo, amén de muchas de las tecnologías que han llegado a la gama Ford. The case is that, aún kickándose de un model with cierto tiempo, todavía podrían rescatarse ciertos aspectos para a new generation of the average sedán. En primer lugar, with 4.5 meters y unas líneas de coupe, se metería de lleno en la guerra abierta por el nuevo Peugeot 508.

Ford Mondeo EVOS

Second, the EVOS Concept what powered by a connect hybrid powertrain with up to 800 kilometers of autonomy. Therefore, it seems logical to think that the next Mondeo EVOS can come together electric fashion. Finally, we cannot ignore that if they have asked to register this denomination, it is that we may be facing a turning point in the Mondeo concept.

Be that as it may, the current generation Mondeo will remain on sale until 2021 or at the latest 2022. Therefore, you will need to be alert to any news that may occur. The application for registration is dated August 15th, so it is still under consideration. Once we have passed through the filters, we will be able to know which direction the American house is taking.


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