Spoiler on Madison Iseman’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer” finale: interview


Warning: I know what you did last summer spoiler on the upcoming finale. We finally know what they did last summer. A type of. We sat with the star of I know what you did last timeR.‘s Madison Iseman to get the details of everything that happened in the finale and what she wants to see in a possible second season. will it be called?, I know what you did last summer then? Here’s what he had to say! But if you haven’t watched it yet, beware, there’s a summer spoiler below.

SC: What can you tell us about where your characters are left in the finale?

MI: “Well, Lennon is very dead, and Alison is very… well… Honestly, it ended in the best possible way. I think I was shocked when I first read how the story would turn out, but I can’t imagine a more satisfying ending. I don’t really know what this means for the future of Alison, Margot, Riley and Dylan, but all I know is that they are more in trouble now than they started at the start of the show. “

SC: Is there anything you wish your characters had done differently this season?

MI: “Not really. I think every decision they made has led them to where they ended up in the finale. And who doesn’t love a little chaos? Though it would probably do Alison good not to be so emotionally connected to everyone and everything. “

SC: What was your favorite scene you shot this season?

MI: “I think my favorite scene is Episode 2, when Alison and Bruce decide to turn Alison into her sister. It was all very dark, twisted and unexpected. Bill Heck, who plays my father, and yes, a truly terrible father, is simply the greatest human being. We had so much fun together even though we were dealing with pretty heavy circumstances. He has always pushed me to give my best performances and it has been a real pleasure to work with him. “

Image: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

SC: Who is an actor you would like to guest star next season and who would you like him to play?

MI: “I mean, obviously I’d like to see someone from the original cast come and act. In a dream world, I’d like to see Anne Heche take on a part of the cult and make it a main storyline. “

SC: If you get another season, what do you want to happen to your character – who would you like to see her paired with who will cause drama?

MI: “I’ve thought about it a lot! I’d like to see Margot and Alison get in trouble because trouble seems to find them so well. “

SC: Have you heard from any of the OG cast? Or did you talk to any of the cast members – what kind of feedback did you get?

MI: “They were so nice and wished us their best wishes during a Comic Con panel in early October. Having their blessing was the greatest gift during the whole process. “

I know what you did last summer is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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