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Pandemonium in Cameroon as man wins $22 million only to have his account deleted by sports betting company

There was recently chaos and riots in Yaoundé, Cameroon, after a man allegedly won 13 billion CFA francs ($22 million) on 1xBet but did not get paid.

It is learned that the man played a bet with $350 (200,000 CFA francs) and won the 13 billion CFA francs/$22 million, but instead of paying him the money, the sports betting company reportedly closed and deleted his account.

When he visited the office to complain, he was offered $687,000 (400 million CFA francs).

It was said that he refused it and demanded the original sum, but the betting company refused.

The man went to inform the people of his neighborhood and this caused the young people to assault the sports betting center.

It erupted into a riot when the youths were said to have taken up arms demanding that the man be paid his 13 billion CFA francs.

However, the man was later invited to a radio station to share details of what really happened.

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