StanceWorks updates its 1931 Ford Hot Rod with a new engine


The StanceWorks team is hard at work documenting his extraordinary Ferrari construction at the time. It would be the 308 that gets the Honda power and a bunch of other goodies. But one of the seemingly overlooked members of the family is a 1931 Ford hot rod that sports massive power and wheels stolen from a LeMans race car. The old engine was toasty, but now there’s a new one to install and it’s pumping some serious energy for speed.

Mike of StanceWorks purchased a 5.0 liter Aluminator V8. This would be the type of Coyote originally intended for a late model Mustang. This one here has zero miles, as it was intended for a project but it was the wrong choice. So Mike picked it up for a lot less than MSRP, put a supercharger on top and bolted it between those meaty front tires of his hot rod.

These aren’t the only changes, as the disassembled truck will have a standalone Haltech setup to control everything. Additionally, Rotiform will supply a new wheelset. This may be the only part of this build update that I’m against. Not everyone can say they have wheels destined for a racing car prototype. However, Mike generally makes some really cool choices on his builds, so I can’t wait to see what happens around each corner.


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