Standard Political Twattery | Tim Worstall


MPs could be banned from taking on a second job as political consultants in the wake of the Owen Paterson case based on proposals considered by Parliament’s standards supervisor.

The Telegraph has learned that the standards committee, which determines whether lawmakers have violated the code of conduct, is discussing the measure as part of a new report on the rules that apply to members.

It is understood that several members of the committee, made up of parliamentarians and lay members, believe that restrictions on external interests should be tightened after it is established that Paterson has committed a “glaring” violation of the rules on paid defense.

We just have found someone guilty of a violation of the rules. So the rules need to be tightened up?


“We just jailed someone for rape using the current law. So the rape law needs to be tightened up to put guys like that in jail ”?

No, obviously not. The fact that we have just been able to denigrate the guy shows that the law is perfectly in place in our ability to denigrate the guys who do this.


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