Stayin ‘Alive: the political spectrum


Apparently it ranges from liberal to conservative to stupid. One of the latest examples of stupid extremism is this Newsmax “reporter” who tweeted: “Dear Christians: Vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so they can be traced. Read the last book of the New Testament to see how they turn out.” CNN says the claim has been “debunked” as the vaccines do not contain luciferase, but it appears to miss the point.

FYI, luciferase is a name for a group of bioluminescent enzymes, including the one that produces the firefly flash. It is called luciferase because lucifer is Latin for “bringing light” and originally referred to the planet Venus as the morning star. It became a moniker for the (nonexistent) antagonist of God in Christian mythology because it was thought to be a “shining angel” fallen from heaven. Whatever.

Either way, luciferase is used in biology labs to track cells during experiments. No doubt some of the work was used to develop mRNA vaccines. CNN is right, it’s actually not in the vaccines themselves. But even if it were:

  • it would be harmless
  • It cannot be used to “track” people
  • It has nothing to do with Satan

But that’s what conservatives do. They do stupid shit based on something like a coincidence of a name or a gross misunderstanding of science, to scare people, and then manipulate that manufactured fear for political purposes. They have no political solutions or truth to offer. Just scary bullshit.


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