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Stella McCartney’s Earth Day Collection Brings Hope to Harness Deforestation!

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A selective Stella McCartney sweater for Earth Day every day will keep the forests in check.

It is not a great find; Stella McCartney has always had a burning obligation to the weather. Working to strict rules of no extraordinary calfskin, fur, feathers or cowhide since its introduction in 2001, the British brand gladly asserts an eco-conscious authority in all of its manifestations by researching imaginative new designs for materials that are brighter and better. One of which, as everyone in the know will know, the infamous Falabella carries. A remarkable staple wardrobe that has been discovered by fans everywhere.

For Spring / Summer 2021, Stella McCartney is joining Greenpeace in crafting an assortment of selective four-piece boxes, pushing a message similar to the most recent one from the eco-association: keep deforestation in the Amazon, which is driven by modern agriculture and meat. Article.

The pieces made of natural cotton, two t-shirts and two sweaters, highlight two sweet illustrations animated by vintage plans of eco-friendly dissidents in contrast to a light blue or white marble setting. Nearby, the Stella McCartney Cares Foundation will host Greenpeace at their lobby dinner ‘Save the Amazon’.

Stella McCartney has been a vegan-loving brand from the beginning, and I couldn’t be more proud to help an amazing association like Greenpeace praise our commemorations and expose the issues of this pressing issue. “McCartney clarifies.

“I am confident that things will not work as usual again in 2021; rather, I trust that we come back to life more carefully, especially regarding our choices. The valuable forests, similar to the Amazon, should not be wiped out to create mechanical meat that is sold all over the planet. Essentially, reducing meat in your diet can protect the Amazon from deforestation and defend this indispensable biological system and our environment for people in the future, ”she wraps.

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