Stephane Janin is the new Director of GAC Advanced Design Europe


Stephane Janin joins GAC Design after 20 years at Renault, where he has designed and driven many influential concept cars, such as the Renault EZ e series Renault Trezor.

During his tenure at Renault, he also worked with various brands within the umbrella group and partners, including Dacia, Alpine, Samsung, Infiniti and Nissan, in various design studios located in France, Spain, South Korea and Japan. .

Design sketch of the 2005 Renault Altica Concept

Design sketch for the Renault Trezor Concept

In the design industry, Janin is known as “the master of concept cars” and his sketches are considered works of art. He is a graduate of Royal College of Art In the united kingdom.

“Stephane Janin joining GAC Design reflects the growing international influence and appeal of GAC Design, and we are very excited to be able to broaden the appeal to Europe’s rich design talent resources to solidify our industry leadership. ” Fan Zhang, VP of design, GAC Design, said in a statement.

“And with his design experience and vision, Stephane is a perfect designer to lead our ongoing commitment to innovation in our next advanced design studio in Europe.”

The opening of GAC Advanced Design Europe is scheduled for 2022 and will be based in Milan.

(Image Courtesy: Renault, GAC for Car Body Design)


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