Stephanie Hsu Rocks It At “Joy Ride” Premiere – News Block

After her awards run, I tend to think of Stephanie Hsu in terms of big dresses or statement ball gowns, so it was fun to see her in an embellished pantsuit ensemble. joy ride it’s a comedy about a road trip through China; I’m curious to see how well they did British Columbia doubling down on it. Anyway, apparently it’s a bit raunchy along the lines of girls tripbut also emotional sometimes along the lines of Bridesmaids? I’m curious to see it, and not at all curious to read any of what I assume will be the treatises on how he proves that women can be funny and/or gross too. That was exhausting enough Bridesmaids.

(Photos: Broadimage/Shutterstock, Ray Tamarra/Soul B Photos/Shutterstock, Fati Sadou/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock)

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