Stephen Miller is scared because he refuses to answer the 1/6 committee subpoena question


Stephen Miller showed up on Fox News from what looked like a graveyard and refused to answer when asked if he would comply with the 1/6 Committee citation.


Laura Ingraham asked Miller about the subpoena, and he just made the white power soft shoe routine, “Well, I haven’t gotten any documents or communications, but what I’m going to say is this, it’s just an attempt, and you know it as well as anyone else, to distract from the hideous failures of the Biden presidency. “

Miller learned from Steve Bannon that he has spoken out publicly about not complying with the citation and being charged with criminal outrage, not to mention out loud that he will not comply with the citation.

Miller’s response also reveals that the Trump crowd is afraid of the investigation and the committee. If Miller had really thought the committee had no teeth, he would have bragged that he had no intention of complying with the quote.

The fact that he dodged the question suggests that the Trumpers are running in fear. T.they know Trump has lost his executive privilege case. They know that the legal options for running out of time until a new Congress takes office are fading rapidly.

Trump is no longer around to protect them, so we’re seeing something like Stephen Miller that we’ve never seen before.

Stephen Miller is scared.


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