Steve Bannon milks the media circus as he faces accusations of contempt


Steve Bannon, Trump’s bombastic former adviser and right-wing media host made the most of his day in court on Monday. While its real look in front of accusations of contempt for defying a Congressional subpoena was largely uneventful, as Bannon won’t be arraigned until Thursday, the defendant seemed to appreciate the media circus that awaited him.

“This will be the hellish offense for Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, Other Joe Biden,“Bannon said while speaking to reporters outside E. Barrett Prettyman federal court in Washington, DC. He went on to accuse the president of using his attorney general to do political work against him, adding,” We are tired of playing games. defense, let’s go on the attack … You should understand, Nancy Pelosi is facing Donald Trump and Steve Bannon – should ask Hillary Clinton how it turned out for them … They got the wrong person. ”

the House voted last month to despise Bannon, applying pressure on Garland, the Attorney General, to act. Bannon what? indicted Friday for two counts of outrage to Congress, both for refusing to testify before the restricted committee of the House investigating the January 6 insurrection, and for not providing documents. Lawyer David Schoen, representing Bannon (e previously represented Donald Trump during his second impeachment) has he has declared Your client’s conversations with the former president are covered by executive privilege. Bannon will not be detained before the trial, but he has given up his passport. He cannot travel outside of Washington without giving advance notice and has accepted weekly check-ins.

The court hearing on Monday afternoon followed Bannon surrendering early in the day to authorities at an FBI field office. In another dramatic move, Bannon appeared in a livestream for his podcast was the room? moments before doing so. “I don’t want anyone to take their eyes off the ball,” Bannon said in his observations, which was streamed to the right social media platform Gettr. “We have Hispanics on our side, African Americans on our side. We are overthrowing the Biden regime. ”Bannon concluded by putting content above everything, like him connected some of the upcoming guests appearing on his show and urging his viewers, “I want you guys to stay focused, stay on the message. Remember, signal not noise. This is all noise, not signal.” Aside from the antics of Bannon, insane with a giant inflatable advice looking like Trump and a man with a sign saying “Coup d’etat” they have been spotted near the defendant all day.

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