Steve Bannon surrenders to US authorities on charges of outrage stemming from the January 6 Capitol riots


Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon was arrested on charges related to the January 6 Capitol riots.

Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, turned himself in to federal authorities on Monday, just days after being indicted on two counts of outrage in Congress.

The New York Post reports that Bannon, 67, spoke to the media as he walked into the FBI office in Washington and was live streaming on the conservative social media site Gettr saying, “I don’t want anyone to take their eyes off what we do every day. “.

“We have Hispanics on our side, Americans on our side. We are bringing down the Biden regime, “he said as he connected some of his guests to his show was the room?.

“Remember, signal, not noise,” he said. “This is all noise, this is signal.”

Bannon’s surrender comes three days after he was indicted Friday by a federal grand jury on two counts of outrage in Congress for violating a subpoena issued by the Democrat-led House Select Committee investigating the Capitol uprising in the United States. January 6 – refusing to show up to testify, citing Trump’s argument that his conversations with the former president should be protected by “executive privilege.”

He faces a minimum of 60 days in prison if convicted for both ends and up to a total of two years in prison with fines of up to $ 2,000 dollars.

Mr. Bannon is expected to appear in the district court later today.

Investigators believe that Bannon and other Trump aides and advisers may have information on the links between the White House and the crowd that invaded the Capitol on the day he was to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the November 2020 presidential election.

The indictment was a significant victory for the House Select Committee, which is fighting Trump’s efforts to use presidential privilege to prevent the committee from obtaining evidence and documents necessary for the investigation.

“Steve Bannon’s indictment should send a clear message to anyone who thinks they can ignore the select committee or try to obstruct our investigation: no one is above the law,” committee chairman Bennie Thompson said in a statement. Vice President Liz Cheney.

The attack, during which five people died, managed to delay the joint Chamber-Senate electoral certification session by several hours.

Even a key witness, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, could be charged with outrage after he refused to be interviewed by the committee on Friday.

The Bannon and Meadows cases could hinge on an ongoing judicial battle between the committee and Trump for executive privilege.

Trump is fighting the committee’s request for documents from his administration now in the National Archives.

After Mr. Biden, as incumbent president, relinquished his document privilege, the Washington federal court dismissed Trump’s challenge.

Trump has since filed an appeal and the case, which could go to the Supreme Court, is now centered on conflicting positions of privilege never before tested by a current and former president.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and is republished here with permission

Originally published as Steve Bannon surrenders to US authorities on charges of outrage stemming from the January 6 Capitol riots

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