Steve Cortes reveals new truth in hijacked 2020 election


Like The Gateway Pundit previously reported – A year ago today the Democrats committed the biggest crime in US history.

The Democrats and the Swamp, with the assistance of fake news and social media giants, stole a historic crushing election from President Donald Trump and the Republicans.

In an extraordinary late-night comeback, the Democrats were able to steal every state of the battlefield for Joe Biden, a candidate with no campaign, no crowd, no enthusiasm and no charisma.

Pennsylvania was the most impressive “victory”. The Democrats worked for several days behind closed doors and with an endless supply of new votes to steal a 795,000 lead from Donald Trump for a stunning win for their candidate, Sleepy Joe.

Newsmax host Steve Cortes discussed the 2020 election on Wednesday and revealed something we haven’t discussed here at The Gateway Pundit.

TREND: In an anniversary year of 2020 election robbery – Was the Virginia run of 2021 a Democrat fake?

Steve Cortes: “The equal protection clause of the 14th amendment has been violated massively. You can’t subject Trump voters on match day to completely different and stricter standards than mail-order voters. This was one of the main reasons why the 2020 presidential vote was invalid. “

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