Stop using payroll auditing and use forensic auditing to catch ghost name creators -said Kwaku Asare – quicktrendnews – News Block

One of the renowned members of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD), Mr. Kwaku Asare, in an interview with the Joy news archive, made it clear that the Audit Department should stop using Payroll Audit to find ghost names.

He said that ghost names on the payroll have been with us for a long time and will continue to appear until we find those who create them.

Mr. Kwaku Asare went on to advise the Audit Department General to inculcate the use of forensic audits to fish out the creators of Ghost for drastic treatment.

Currently, Ghana has lost 564.2 million Ghana Cedis in the name of Ghost.

This has been going on since we were born and it cannot continue.

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