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Stranger Things bloopers, seasons one through four

Now that we are in the midst of the long winter of our discontent, which in this case means waiting between stations of Strange things — it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the cast’s antics on set, as revealed in a series of bloopers. Here are 15 times the cast danced, broke props, repeatedly said the word “boobies,” made people laugh, and made the crew worry about their safety during filming.


When Millie Bobby Brown had so much character that the presence of a camera baffled her.


When one of the Department of Energy vans went off course during a stunt and crashed into this poor, innocent car.


When Caleb McLaughlin opened a door perhaps a little too enthusiastically and as a result was briefly caught between a scene and reality.


When Gaten Matarazzo hit a prop phone with such force that it fell off the wall before sheepishly waving at the camera with it.


When Noah Schnapp as Will as a magician made an amazing prophecy.


When Caleb McLaughlin broke up while Finn Wolfhard was trying to say a difficult line, and Finn sympathized with his problems.


When David Harbor found something undeniably hilarious in her very serious pronunciation of the word “grandma.”

And when his scene partners, Finn Wolfhard and Mille Bobby Brown, started laughing too.


When Joe Keery said this and tempted the gods of Netflix…

…which was naturally followed by this montage of them saying “boobs”, if not 100 times, then enough times to make an impression.


When Gaten Matarazzo snuck onto the set and assured witnesses that it was all just part of the process (of living life).


And when he kept breaking out laughing during one scene, leading him to make this creative recommendation directly to the camera.


When Joseph Quinn tripped over a Vecna ​​vine and delivered a deadpan assessment of his dire situation.


We now interrupt your previously scheduled programming to bring you this image of a rare smiling Vecna.


When the whole Gulag plot caught up with David Harbour.


When Charlie Heaton kept breaking during the delivery of Eduardo Franco’s line.


And lastly, here goes one more giggly Vecna ​​for the road.


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