Strategist is beaten after publicly mocking Trump supporter for driving “old car”


A Democrat strategist and a former Lincoln Project student decided it would be a good idea to keep the stereotype of “smug, rude elite Dems” strong, so she went on the attack and publicly mocked a Trump supporter driving a car. older .

This is Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, the woman who mocked the Trump fan.


Bitecofer deleted the nasty tweet it sent, but don’t worry, I thought it would, so I took a screenshot.

Rachel was commenting on another Democrat tweet complaining about her neighbor’s pro-Trump backyard. That person took a picture of the neighbor’s house and you can see an older model car in the driveway.

Not a big deal. A lot of people drive older cars, right? Certainly not a reason to mock someone.

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But Rachel is a white liberal woman – literally the meanest “race” in the world, so she didn’t hold back.

Rachel saw the tweet and commented on it, saying, “Republican voter who can’t even afford a car this century.”


Rachel received a lot of criticism for that disgusting comment.


Here are some comments from people online.

“Are you making fun of the poor?”

“How’s this tweet doing to you?”

“Not everyone can invest all their money in food. Tell us how you do it. “

“You seem to have spent your extra funds well to support the snack industry. Too bad you can’t buy a longer life expectancy. “

“Your name is” Bitecofer “which means you couldn’t afford a name change”

“Making fun of the poor? Good job! How many poor children have you killed by eating enough to allow 10 families to live? “

“You are so close to understanding why he would vote Trump, so close!”

It is difficult to believe that the Democrats were the party of the “workers”.

Now, they are the party of smug and rude elites. Can you imagine that horrible woman in relation to something “working class?”


And it’s not because he’s actually better than anyone else or living a richer, more fulfilling life.


He’s just another elite Democrat who * thinks * he’s better than the humble peasants who voted for President Trump.


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