Suicide bomber explodes in car, anti-terrorism police arrest three in raid


No information on the identity of the perpetrator, but the fact that he was a suicide bomber suggests that he was a Muslim pursuing the promise of heaven to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (Quran 9: 111). Additionally, the desperate Daily Mail, the worst newspaper in the Western world, got the detail from a witness that one of the arrested men “looked Iranian” but removed him from his report. It must not open up the ruling class.

And so the British people can celebrate diversity with special joy this year, confident in the knowledge that their omniscient government has persecuted all domestic critics of jihad violence and barred foreign ones from entering the country.

“The taxi driver” locked the suicide bomber in his car after detecting the explosives “before the blast ripped through the car outside the Liverpool maternity hospital seconds before the silence of Poppy Day, killing the passenger of the taxi – while anti-terrorist police arrest three during raids “, by Stewart Whittingham, Lauren Lewis, Kaya Terry and Stephen Wynn-Davies, Mail Online, November 14, 2021:

A taxi driver apparently locked a suicide bomber in his car after spotting explosives before an explosion slashed the vehicle outside a maternity hospital in Liverpool on Sunday.

The blast, reported at 10:59 am, occurred moments before the nation fell silent to celebrate Remembrance Day and killed the taxi passenger and injured the driver.

The passenger in the car, a man, was pronounced dead on the spot and has yet to be formally identified. The driver, also a man, was injured and is being treated for injuries that police believe “are not life threatening”.

Unconfirmed reports on social media have suggested that the taxi driver averted the disaster by locking his passenger in. Stephen Thomas said online: “The taxi driver is my partner and he noticed that the passenger was behaving suspiciously. He is in the hospital, luckily he escaped shortly before but was injured.”

Kev Cuthbertson also wrote on Facebook: “He’s a hero, when he noticed the bomb, he put the sack of shit in the car.” Marie Davies said: “He stopped at the women’s hospital and pinned the terrorist in his taxi after noticing the device.”

Billy Darwin added: “I have heard he has injuries, so on behalf of all of us here I wish this Liverpool hero a speedy recovery. He has put his life on the line and almost paid the highest price to save the others. , seemingly without thinking twice as well as making sure we do everything to keep the people of our city safe. ‘

Armed police last Sunday arrested three men, aged 29, 26 and 21, on Boaler Street, in the Kensington area of ​​Liverpool, as part of a terrorist investigation into the incident.

Army detectives and bomb experts are investigating whether the blast was triggered by a suicide bomber. The timing of the incident, at 10:59 am on Poppy Day, is under review.

A number of locals said gunmen swooped into a row house on Sutcliffe Street off Boaler Street in the afternoon and arrested a suspect after blocking the street with vehicles and cordons. Reports said police negotiators were at a standstill with suspects at the site after gunmen stormed the street.

Sections of Boaler Street and Sutcliffe Street remained cordoned off, with a strong police presence at the scene as investigations continue.

A similar police scene was taking place on Rutland Avenue in Sefton Park, with counter-terrorism officers spotted in the neighborhood. Locals said police arrived around 1pm when officers continued to guard a terraced property as the surrounding area was cordoned off.

A resident of Kensington, 21, said: “They grabbed two men and handcuffed them behind their backs.” Chris Lee, 31, said: ‘They were packed in the van. They got them from one of the houses. I had never seen them before.’

Police earlier said the blast, reported to the maternity hospital at 10:59 am, “was not declared a terrorist incident at this stage,” while urging the public to remain calm but alert. The incident occurred as a memorial service involving dozens of military personnel, veterans and civic dignitaries, what is happening at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral less than a mile away. …


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