Sunday Night Football FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Training Tips for Titans vs. Single Match Tournaments Rams of the week 9


This week’s episode of Sunday Night Football features a Super Bowl XXXIV rematch. The then St. Louis Rams made his way to victory over the Titans in that race. Las Vegas bookmakers are expecting another Rams win, as they opened as favorites with 7.5 points in some stores. The Titans will be without Derrick Henry (foot) for a long time, so the nation will see how they adapt to their new reality. This provides many potential DFS values ​​for our Week 9 FanDuel single game range.

Here are the notable scoring settings for FanDuel single-game contests: The total score for “MVP” is multiplied by 1.5, but it doesn’t cost any additional money like the “Captain” in DraftKings Showdown contests. FanDuel’s default score is half point PPR Other Four-point passing TDs, and there are no bonus for 300 yard / 100 yard games like on DraftKings.

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FanDuel Single Game DFS Choices: Titans vs. Rams

Budget of $ 60,000, requires at least one player per team

MVP (1.5x points) WR Cooper Kupp, Rams ($ 16,000)

Kupp was shut down for the vast majority of 2021, failing to reach double-digit FanDuel points on one occasion. He owns a staggering 36.4 percent of the Rams’ target share and leads the team with 10 points. That dominance should continue on both fronts with the n. Receiver 2 Robert Woods slowed a foot injury.

FLEX RB Darrell Henderson, Rams ($ 13,000)

Henderson leads the Rams with 126 touches at a healthy 5.1 yards per carry. He has eclipsed the 20-point plateau in two of the past three weeks and has hit double digits in each of his races but one. The Titans allow 4.5 yards per attempt and possess the 28th defense of the race ranked for DVOA. Henderson has received at least five targets in three games and could do significant damage on the ground and in the air on Sunday night.

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FLEX WR AJ Brown, Titans ($ 12,000)

Brown is about to burst after an early season hamstring injury contributed to a slow start. He scored 12.6, 23.3, and 26.5 FD points in weeks 6-8, respectively. Brown is likely to see plenty of stars from cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The Titans, however, won’t have much choice but to lean even more on their star with Henry sidelined.

FLEX RB Jeremy McNichols, Titans ($ 10,000)

McNichols will have the opportunity to embody the “next man up” mantra as no. 2 on the depth chart of the Titans. Most of McNichols’ work – 21 of his 28 touches, to be exact – came through passing play, so don’t expect him to be rammed between tackles more than 20 times. The Titans will need to field his skills appropriately if they are going to win Sunday and maintain their playoff position moving forward.

Alternative consideration: We have seen on numerous occasions that the “next man” does not always come true immediately. Of course, Adrian Peterson falls into the same boat, as he was just signed up for the Titans training team this week. It’s cheaper at $ 8,500, is more likely to replicate Henry’s role in the tackle, and deserves consideration at this point as well.

FLEX WR Van Jefferson, Rams ($ 8,000)

Jefferson is quietly making an early case for sleeper status in 2022. He is third on the team by number of targets (39), averages 16.3 yards per trick, and is racking up 61.5% of his looks. DeSean Jackson only earned 15 goals during his Los Angeles stint, but with his release, Jefferson poses the only profound threat. If Woods’ foot injury limits his playing time, Jefferson will play a more important role in the attack.


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