Sunny Hostin says abolishing racism “won’t happen by pretending it doesn’t exist”


Of Brent Furdyk.

36 minutes ago

Racism is a topic that has sparked numerous conversations on “The View,” and co-host Sunny Hostin has even more views to share on the topic on social media.

Hostin took to Instagram to share a “Saturday lesson”, writing, “We all want racism to be a past atrocity that is abolished in institutions, policies, systems and replaced with fairness and equality. Kind regards – people in my TL – it won’t happen by pretending it doesn’t exist. Besides, it won’t happen if you don’t talk about it and tell your kids about it and the history of this country, warts and all. “

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He continued: “Also, it won’t happen by questioning my experience as a person of color and denying that you have privileges. Also, yes, I am successful and that does not mean that racism does not exist and that I still experience it. It just means that my success makes me the exception and not the rule. “

He concluded by writing: “Oh yes, and the fact that I have pointed out racism does not make me a racist, a racist cheater or a racial hooker.”


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