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Supa Cent shows her new boyfriend on Instagram (video)


When it comes to having a man, better believe mother and cosmetics mogul, Supa Cent has no problem in this department. She’s been pretty discreet recently, about her love life, to this day. The New Orleans native went out on the ‘gram with her new boyfriend and shared a sweet meeting from a recent date.

Supa got us into her business when she shared how her boyfriend Rayzor brought the romantic vibes he’s always wanted. In a video that received over 54,000 views on his Instagram page, he captioned: “I honestly can’t explain how thoughtful and romantic it was for me. Getting to know me is all about someone paying attention to you. Knowing things and the people I love to create memories with. Loving me, my family and friends are everything to me. ” He went on to explain how Rayzor threw a fantastic brunch.

This happiness Supa is showing didn’t happen overnight. He revealed six months ago when they had their first date. Rayzor also showed Supa some love on his page, while maintaining the same energy. She shared some photos of them and captioned her post, “Me and lil mama have been out here and we’re freaking out.”

The housemates praised Supa for looking good and having a man. One commented: “I love Supa! I’m nervous about her posting her man because I don’t want anyone to play with her. He is a good person!”

It’s no secret that Supa’s love life unfolded in the public eye. The world has witnessed her separation from her ex-boyfriend and her daughter Louis’ father, and more recently, her breakup with the rapper. Say Gemini in February.

Roommates, let us know what you think of Supa Cent and her new boyfriend!

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