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Supreme Court dissent on abortion case

A conservative majority on the Supreme Court overturned roe v. calf on Friday, overturning decades of precedent protecting abortion rights in the United States.

in a scorching dissentthe court’s three liberal justices, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, denounced what they said was an “arrogant approach to nullifying” women’s rights.

“One result of today’s decision is certain: the reduction of women’s rights and their status as free and equal citizens,” the justices wrote.

The trio noted that the majority opinion would open the way for states to impose bans up to the point of fertilization, as well as bans on emergency contraception.

“They have passed laws with no exceptions for when women are victims of rape or incest,” the liberals wrote. “Under those laws, a woman will have to give birth to her rapist’s son or a little girl to her father, regardless of whether doing so will destroy her life.”

They noted that states could jail women even for trying to have an abortion or make it illegal to travel out of state to get one.

They said Friday’s ruling will weigh most heavily on poorer women who can’t afford to travel between states or abroad for abortions.

“The Constitution, today’s majority contends, will not provide protection, despite its guarantees of freedom and equality for all,” the trio wrote.

They also warned that, despite majority claims to the contrary, other rights could potentially be reconsidered by the Supreme Court, including same-sex relationships, marriage for same-sex couples, and the right to contraception. In his concurring majority opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the court should reconsider these cases.

Crucially, the liberal justices argued, the majority had displayed an “arrogant approach” to overturning decades of established precedent, or so-called stare decisis.

“Most have no good reason for the upheaval in law and society that it triggers,” they wrote.

“The Court is changing course today for one reason and one reason only: because the composition of this Court has changed.”

Here is the dissenting opinion of the liberal justices In its whole:


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