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Susan Hall is a member of the London Assembly and a councilor in Harrow. She has been shortlisted for the Conservative selection for London Mayor.

A member of staff who works with me at the London Assembly was on his way to work at the Docklands Light Railway recently. While on the train, he started watching one of my campaign videos on his phone.

In the video, which was muted to everyone but her, I was explaining why I was the woman who beat Sadiq Khan and fixed the mess he made at City Hall.

As the video progressed, he noticed that someone on the train had been staring at his phone. She looked up and instantly recognized her face.

it was Khan. He was frowning, his face like thunder. Not a single word was exchanged between them. But the message was clear: he doesn’t want me to be his candidate.

If the last six years of me fighting him in the London Assembly didn’t make it obvious, then the deep, strengthening breath he took when it was my turn on Mayor’s Question Time confirmed it.

I am the one who fears. And that’s why I’m the one who beats him.

London’s Conservative mayoral pick is coming up soon. Voting opens from 9 am on July 4 to 11 am on July 18. If you are a Conservative member of London, you will have the opportunity to choose who to present to face Khan.

We have to choose someone who can win. The stakes are too high not to.

If Khan wins another term, the ULEZ expansion will devastate families and small businesses, crime will continue to rise, and the housing crisis will continue to drive talented young people out of the city.

In the meantime, Khan will enjoy the perks, take more trips, and write another useless book.

I can beat it. And I can clean up the mess he’s left us with.

I know the City Hall inside out. I reviewed the mayor’s budget and challenged the Metropolitan Police as Chairman of the Police and Crime Committee.

I have spent decades knocking on doors, standing in the pouring rain, listening and talking to residents about what they want and need.

And I know Khan. I have faced it for six years. He is a formidable opponent, a puncher who relies on blotting, splitting, and spin.

Our positive case must be accompanied by a strong campaign attacking Khan’s record. Londoners deserve to know the truth about their failures, and I’m the one who’s been exposing them for years.

And then there’s the fact that I’m a woman. It shouldn’t be a factor in this race, but sadly it is, because Khan has a serious woman problem.

In the Conservative group in the London Assembly, we posted a video showing all the times that Khan has been rude and condescending to women in Mayor’s Question Time, in a way that he is not to men.

He just can’t stand being challenged by a woman. I certainly wouldn’t be able to handle myself.

Khan is beatable in London. In the polls, he underperforms Labor in London by a double-digit margin. Even the most loyal Labor supporters are fed up with him.

But we can only beat him if we present the best candidate. Someone who can put it out there and offer common sense policies that are practical, fully costed and can appeal to all Londoners.

I’m the one he doesn’t want to face. And that’s why I’m our best chance to defeat him.

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