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Suzanne Jackson Photo: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

The latest issue of VIP Magazine has finally hit the shelves. We can’t wait for you to check out all the amazing fashion and beauty content, as well as some amazing interviews about love, pregnancy, new beginnings, and the future.

This month’s cover star is none other than Ms. Suzanne Jackson alongside her husband Dylan.

After a VIP team sleepover in the beautiful Algarve (they were the best hosts), we chatted with Sue and Dylan about life in Portugal, control and loss and Sue’s new passion project Talking is Medicine.

The savvy businesswoman left VIP in complete shock when she revealed how much her companies SOSU Cosmetics and Dripping Gold generated last year and apparently last year “was a bad year”, if you can believe it!

Sue opened up to us about her happiness, saying, “No one is happy 100 percent of the time and nothing goes right all the time either, that’s life.”

She revealed, like any of us, that she has things behind the scenes, personal and family things, that no one knows and will never know. But she says, “I try to always look on the bright side, that’s how I’m programmed.”

Suzanne Jackson Photo: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

The stunning couple is celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary this August, so they decided a sexy VIP shoot, their first since their exclusive VIP wedding in 2017, was the best way to introduce themselves six years later.

Sue revealed, “It’s funny that I’ve really gotten into Sue’s sexy side since I did Dancing With The Stars! I have changed!”

Having recently moved to Portugal, Sue is trying to build a new sense of community for herself, from spin classes to lunch outings to nail appointments, she’s slowly but surely doing it.

“When we broached the idea of ​​moving here years ago, I was very scared because I loved having my family on the road.”

Talking to us about the recent changes in her life, from moving cross-country to stepping down as CEO, Sue jumps right in saying she’s a control freak through and through.

“My dance partner (in DWTS) told me that too. In fact, that whole dance mistake was part of me struggling with a lack of control. Because the moment you’re dancing you can’t control everything: people make mistakes, you lose the rhythm, it happens”.

He added: “Handing over the reins of my business, which I ran for eight years, was difficult. But the business needed to change and bringing Caroline in with a new look was the change she needed.”

Suzanne Jackson Photo: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

We also had the chance to chat with influencer Dominique Nugent as she got married at Boyne Hill House. Dominique called from Santorini, where she and her new husband, Paddy, had just woken up on the first day of their honeymoon.

The couple, who originally met in 2012 at a hostel in Brisbane and sadly fell out of touch before reconnecting years later, revealed that the wedding theme was “written in the stars”.

Dominique said: “I have no doubt that we were meant to be together.”

Having chosen a stunning venue for the end of June, the happy couple had hoped to hold their wedding al fresco in the secret garden to the point where guests took their seats, Paddy and the groomsmen arrived and her sisters Caoimhe and Siobhan sat down. . they raise their instruments to present the bridal party down the aisle. But then… the heavens opened up.

“My dad was upstairs in the bridal suite giving a detailed account of who was drenched to the skin. He was trying to hold back tears thinking of everyone outside, their hair, makeup and outfits destroyed.”

For anyone wondering where the fairytale dress is from, Dominique revealed all by saying: “My sister Sarah found it on Instagram and sent it over. It was a Christie Nicole dress from The White Gallery in Newry.”

Dominique Nugent photo by Ella O’Callaghan

Mark Cagney sat down with VIP Magazine editor Bianca Luykx to talk about his new post-stroke chapter and why he doesn’t miss a day at work one bit.

Mark was just delighted to be back on the Ireland AM couch, recently revealing that he even managed to catch up with some old mates he hadn’t seen in a while. “It’s like going back to a house you lived in for 20 years; very comfortable and familiar.”

Discussing if he would ever return to our screens, Mark says that as a rule of thumb, you should never say never! “But I’d probably say never.”

He also delves into the subject of his health, which reveals that everything is fine for the moment. “I was released from the Beaumont Department of Neurology just before Christmas, so barring something unforeseen, I’m off the hook.”

He also takes an in-depth look at Ireland’s most common genetic disorder, haemochromatosis, a condition he himself suffers from. He talks about some very interesting facts about the condition.” In Ireland they estimate that one in five has the single gene and one in eighty has the double gene, which is when you are in trouble.

Mark Cagney Photo: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

Influencer and businesswoman Louise Cooney is expecting her first child in November and revealed to VIP that she is happier than ever. Earlier this year, Louise found out that she was pregnant by her boyfriend Mark Sweeney, whom she met at the start of the pandemic and they are beyond excited to begin the journey of parenthood together.

“We are very lucky and it is a great blessing,” he tells us. “I can’t believe it’s happening now, it’s so exciting and surreal. This is the first time it really started to affect me.”

Now halfway through her pregnancy, Louise has plenty to keep her busy until her bundle of joy arrives in November, as Louise and Mark are also moving house next month. The Limerick lady revealed that she would be moving away from her beautiful duplex apartment and moving across town to a house in north Dublin, which she hopes to make into a family home.

“As sad as I am to be leaving my current apartment behind, I know it’s totally the right choice. It’s wonderful to start the chapter in a new place.”

Louise Cooney Photo: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

We’ve also got loads of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content for you to enjoy, including your survival pack of summer snaps and some top tips from Ireland’s top MUAs Charleen Murphy and Keilidh Cashell, right down to all the inspo! wardrobe for wedding guests that you may need. so be sure to pick up your copy in store now!

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