Taliban: ISI supports small jihadist groups in Afghanistan to thwart the Taliban, says report

NEW DELHI: Pakistan‘S ISI is sponsoring and putting together an alliance of smaller jihadist groups in Afghanistan, distinct from Taliban and the ISKP, according to a new report. These new jehadists stand out for their even more extreme ideology and apparently undermine the Taliban.
A new report on Foreign Policy says that Alliance of Islamic invitation (IIA) was funded by the ISI and was created in 2020 and has been on US intelligence radar for over a year. At the time, the idea was to ensure victory for the Taliban. But now, it seems, this alliance is being used to weaken the Taliban.
The intensification of factional struggles within the Taliban could reach a peak in the coming weeks, according to the assessment shared by the group of national security czars who were in Delhi this week for dialogue with the NSA. Most of the discussions took place behind closed doors, but the group reached some key understandings on the evolution of the situation in Afghanistan. Indeed, the gravity of the situation is believed to be far more serious than is publicly reported or acknowledged.
Anxiety levels in the region are on the rise, with participating countries unanimously describing the past 20 years as a “failure”. Although many of the participants remained committed to the Taliban, there is currently little confidence in the regime. “There was a consensus that the Taliban should have acquired internal legitimacy before external recognition,” said one participant. This is unlikely to happen peacefully. There is an expectation of a power struggle between the Doha group led by Mullah Baradar and the more extreme Haqqani group – one perceived as close to the United States and the other regarded as close to Pakistan.
The main concerns shared by the NSAs were, first and foremost, refugee flows from Afghanistan, who could export Taliban ideologies to their countries, as well as the rampant proliferation of weapons left behind after the US withdrawal.


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